Fully Restored Allosaur Skull on Display

Creation Expeditions Team Reveals Restored Allosaurus Skull

Home-School Paleontologists Cross Huge Milestone

Here, at the World Headquarters for Creation Expeditions, “Ebenezer” the Allosaur has been publicly revealed for the first time. This skull has taken thousands of hours and now finally sits mounted as a powerful testimony of its Creator. Through countless hours of cleaning and preserving, the skull has come out of a block of rock as one of the most complete Allosaurus skulls in the world!

For Immediate Release
November, 2005

Ebenezer's fully restored skull

Many have come alongside us and helped in the completion of this colossal creature. For all of their help, we are grateful. This Allosaur skull stands for much: firstly, the truth presented in the book of Genesis, secondly, God’s faithfulness to His people, and thirdly, hopes for the future as Creation Expeditions grows. Our vision is to continue to use the dinosaurs that we have to reach as many people as the Lord brings our way. We hope to facilitate this through a museum that takes a hands-on approach to paleontological apologetics.

Five of the Team Members Gathered Around the Skull

As we press on to new heights in the field of paleontology, we have the opportunity to make new discoveries and bring the proper interpretations to the science of paleontology. Please continue to pray, for the battle is intense over creation vs. evolution. The implications that stem from this controversy over origins and the meaning of life are deep and affect every area of thought. The work is great and the rewards immense. Lives are forever being touched by these “rocks of remembrance”. Until we meet again, may the grace of our Lord go with you!

The Creation Expeditions Staff