Reflections on 2004

Reflections on 2004

Here at the world headquarters and laboratories of Creation Expeditions, we are hard at work on all that the Lord has put before us. The past year has been filled with exciting adventures, monumental finds, and encouraging advancements. It is hard to describe all that has transpired to those who have not witnessed it first-hand.

In Colorado, we had many successful expeditions as we learned more about the impact of Noah’s Flood, the deposition of animals, and God’s amazing creation. Many people were truly impacted on these digs including a wonderful group of fathers and sons from Illinois. One of the greatest accomplishments for these men was the building and strengthening of relationships with their sons. Together they endured many hard days of work and weather to unearth many great discoveries. Colorado was a land full of surprises, but South Dakota yielded a greater return.

Upon arriving in South Dakota, we resumed work on Ezekiel the Edmontosaur which had been found in June of 2003. Removing the protective plaster jacket revealed hundreds of hours of labor that lay ahead. Each of the 37 people on the site contributed mightily to the work. Our motto for several years has been, “It’s not what you find; it’s who you’re with.” As days and weeks rolled by, the monster in the earth began to further reveal itself. By the end of the trip 30 packages were ready for transport back to Florida. The largest of these packages was an estimated 3500 lbs. Ezekiel claimed 13 of these packages; with the other 17 going to an astounding assortment of animals including Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus. All of these packages were transported to Florida on a 24 ft. flatbed trailer.

Thanks to the support of many, Creation Expeditions has acquired a laboratory for full-time fossil restoration. The lab has been buzzing with activity, including the prepping out of numerous bones. New precision tools, vacuum systems, a sand blaster cabinet, and much more have been acquired for use in the lab. Utilizing this new technology, Creation Expeditions is now able to restore bones in an efficient manner with even greater results. Our desire is for a world-class facility to restore these dinosaur bones. These tools are a crucial step in that direction.

Using these tools, first-class fossils are being reclaimed from their matrix coffins every day. The major undertaking of the year is restoring Ebenezer, the Allosaur discovered in Colorado. Extensive work has been done on the skull and many of the vertebrae are in the process of detailed cleaning and restoration. However, this famous dinosaur is far from complete. With hundreds of man hours logged to date, major headway has been made in the quest to erect this ancient beast. Along the way, many remarkable discoveries have been made.

This Allosaurus activity marks the first for any creation scientist. In fact, there are only four complete skulls in existence anywhere. Once restoration began, Mark DeRosa discovered what appears to be “hyoids” in the jaws of the beast. Hyoids are bones used to support the tongue. These tongue bones are extremely rare, and their existence in Ebenezer is exhilarating.

Other great discoveries in the lab include a “sclerotic ring.” This is a very thin bone in the eye of Hadrosaurs, such as Ezekiel. Modern scientists find these bones in the eyes of many different modern birds. For this reason it is posited that the birds, such as the Burrowing Owl, share common ancestry with dinosaurs. This is crucial for creationists to investigate because we know that they are not linked by ancestry, but by a common Designer!

Yet another blow to the evolutionary argument is the discovery of skin impressions on Ezekiel. This is no “plucked turkey”; it’s strikingly similar to lizard skin. In the fall of 2003, Ed Haller of the University of South Florida used an electron microscope to take pictures of Ezekiel’s skin impressions. The patterns of scales on the Edmontosaurus skin impressions appear similar to the Cuban Anole, a lizard common to Florida. However the scales on Ezekiel’s skin impressions are much larger. This year in South Dakota, we estimated about 60% of the animal to be covered in skin impressions. These impressions are so rare, they are only found on one tenth of one percent of all finds.

These monumental finds would never have been brought forth if it weren’t for the prayers, manual labor, and financial support of all those who have contributed to the Lord’s work. Countless numbers have come through the lab and offered a helping hand. It is such a joy to be able to give families a personal tour through the facility. If you are ever in Florida, don’t hesitate to call and stop by. We wouldn’t want you to miss out on this rare opportunity to witness these great animals.

Please pray for the future of Creation Expeditions as we press on toward our goal of having a world class museum and dinosaur restoration facility. Please pray that the Lord would bless us with more opportunities for these bones to cry out, whether digging bones or spreading the Word through speaking engagements. New tools, lab equipment, and materials are continually needed to prepare the bones. We hope in the future to have a full time staff to advance this great work. As we press on toward this goal, pray that the Lord will continue to meet the physical needs of the ministry. If you feel so led, please consider Creation Expeditions in your giving. All donations are tax deductible and are greatly needed and appreciated. More importantly, please pray for this work and all those involved. We desire more people to get involved and would love to see you on the dig site.

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