CE World Headquarters

Through the many years of hard work, the Lord has graciously blessed us with numerous dinosaur and mammal fossils alike. In the past two years, we have had the privilege of using the Creation Expeditions Lab facility, which your generous gifts have made possible, to restore many of these bones recovered from the field. Within the lab there are many new and amazing discoveries frequently being made.

This lab is equipped with first class tools ranging from micro-sandblasters, to mini-pneumatic air hammers and the list goes on. The completion of all the material that we have, depends on the diligence and talent of all those involved.

Thousands of hours are meticulously spent picking away at hard soil compositions which slowly reveal the complexity in the design of the bone(s). This data gathered tells us so much more about the life and death of these animals. Many of the evolutionist theories are based on the findings in some research lab. Here at the Creation Expeditions Lab we are on the front lines battling against a theory that goes beyond just words that has major implications on our every day life.

This expedition is one that will challenge your patience and encourage your faith. The proper methods of preparatory work will be taught and lectures given to show you how the scientific evidences coincide with Scripture. This is an incredible opportunity to work alongside experienced paleontologists and assist in this important work of raising monuments to the glory of God.

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  • Please contact us for possible dates, or if would like to arrange a private, guided trip
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Trip includes
  • Tools
  • Lab facility
  • Lectures
  • Hands-on workshops
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  • Meals (unless specified)
  • Crystal River, Florida
  • Orlando - Herndon (ORL) and International (MCO)
  • Tampa (TPA)
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