Peter DeRosa

One can easily see how God was preparing Peter for his calling in this multifaceted ministry. Peter has always been an adventure seeker and is right at home in the great outdoors. He possesses many admirable skills of an outdoorsman and his character is enhanced with disciplines and fortitude. It has been through these qualities that the Lord has moved most profoundly. The Lord has progressively instilled skills into Peter that he uses today in the Lord’s work. He has been graced with leadership abilities that are a reflection of his position as a committed follower. Embracing God’s Word and Creation with a pristine worldview has enabled him to have a rich and interpretable insight into the Creation account. Knowing irrefutably that the Sovereign, Holy, Just, Creator-Redeemer came Himself to rescue His people has made Peter a brilliant light in this dark world. At three years of age Peter was learning scripture about the Lord’s Creation. He also began a more structured and somewhat “formal” tactile study of Creation. He was always packing some kind of rock in his pocket. Through endless hours of sandbox play, scouting expeditions into the woods, digging in the garden and various outings, a deep understanding was forming in his mind. Vacations to our beloved Smoky Mountains where hours of rock hounding and mineral mining ensued were influential as well. Peter was introduced to western geology at the age of four. Rafting the Colorado River, visiting the Petrified Forest, and experiencing the Grand Canyon were foundational to the insightful understanding God has given him in geology. This western expedition was also paramount in his studies of paleontology, as this was when he purchased his first fossil — a trilobite. It was also when he traced with his finger the recessed footprint of a dinosaur as we visited a track-way. Seeing those tracks, and holding what was deemed “one of the oldest fossils” was pure fuel to the fire that began his lifelong interest in dinosaurs, fossils and Creation. Becoming a big brother was not something Peter has ever taken lightly as he has always been vigilant over Mark, but it became a responsibility wrapped in gentleness, reverence and awe when he became one to his sister. Peter loves Leah dearly. Leah has been a very active element in his life as they are all so very close. Peter is a delight for us (his parents). Peter’s heart abounds with merriment and true Christian joy. He has a special way of cracking through even the most difficult crisis in order to pour in the “balm of Gilead.” He has such sweet antics that manage to keep us all in the joyfulness of the Spirit. Witnessing his creativity and resourcefulness we know the Lord has created him for a very special mission.

Mark DeRosa

Our hearts were truly blessed when Mark joined our family. His gentle spirit with meekness gives him rich insight and acceptance for the leading of the Lord. He is balanced with the understanding of Holiness and Justice. Mark’s gifts of tolerance and compassion have often been a source of ministry. He is patient with the young and old alike. He is extraordinary and fills our lives with a special love.

Peter and Mark have a very special relationship as they always have. Sharing their room, toys, play, and days together has molded their personalities closely. They tend to feed off each other’s creativeness and embrace one another’s insight.

One of the happiest days of Mark’s life was when he became a big brother. This is a serious responsibility for him. He loves his sister, Leah, immensely. He is always mindful of her and assumes his responsibility with loyal devotion. Mark too was introduced to geology at an early age. Mineral mining, rock hounding, and treasure hunting has been a favorite pastime for him through the years. Our family vacation to the Grand Canyon was his first introduction to the unique land formations of the West. During our visit we toured dinosaur tracks and as with so many little boys his eyes danced with delight as he imagined giant creatures tromping across the plains. To top it off he purchased, with his own money, the prized trilobite. It was that trilobite which sparked the flame of interest in fossils, which is his passion today. It had something to do with all the fossils in the garage. Wow, has his collection grown, both in number and in size! Mark is a virtuous young man with a heart for the Lord. He enjoys spending time with family, friends and fellowship with the saints. Of course, if this can be done while hunting fossils, all the better. Mark has other interests too. He is the guru of our ministry. When the computer is a challenge it is often he who bails us out. It is a privilege to be Mark’s parents. His steady countenance and optimism are always a source of comfort and encouragement. He is a blessing from the Lord and we feel honored to have been entrusted with his care.

Leah DeRosa

Into our home of brawn and adventure the Lord brought the gracing element, Leah Marie, with a gentle and quiet spirit. An air of awe and wonder crept in as the boys beheld the new realm of the softer gender and rallied full force to be her defenders and protectors. Truly we were living the reality of knights and fair maidens. Leah walks her Christian walk with steady footing and a fixed gaze on the Lord. She has compassion for the hurting and a melody of love in her heart. Right in the middle of the boys’ adventures has always been her position. She’s not afraid of dirt and loves to explore and discover. Leah is an accomplished digger, fossil identifier and skillful plasterer. Often she helps document fossils found, or takes pictures. She enjoys serving and will gladly jump on the four-wheeler to retrieve an item that is needed.

Leah Marie is a horse and a dog lover. We can’t appease her love of horses at this time, but we can her love of dogs. She has a little dog, Rachael, who goes just about everywhere Leah goes. Leah Marie does ride horses as often as the opportunity arises and hopes some day to have her own horse.

When not in the field, she might be found exercising her gifts of hospitality. She is right at home in the kitchen and has quite a collection of recipes to delight her father and brothers. It appears she knows “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” When she bakes her ‘world class cookies’ she has her brothers eating out of the palm of her hand.

In our lives Leah Marie is the icing on the cake! We thank the Lord for her and for the loving way she blesses us all.

Eddie Lyndall

Eddie has been a “hunter” all of his life, but he never thought hunting for fossils or dinosaur bones could be so exciting. His excitement led to a desire to become more involved with Creation Expeditions. He serves on the Board of Directors and is part of the support staff for the scheduled events.

Nita Lyndall

As the mother of a paleontologist “wanna be,” Nita got involved with Creation Expeditions to provide an avenue for her son to develop his interest. Little did she know that this avenue would also provide her with adventures beyond her imagination. She now serves as support staff for the events so that others may enjoy their adventures!

Karen Lyndall

As part of the support staff Karen helps with the Fossil Floats and the Colorado Dinosaur Digs. She may be a teenage girl, but she is not worried about breaking a nail or getting dirty. If you need some plaster mixed to cover the bones, or some 25-pound bags carried up the mountain, she’s your girl!

Brian Lyndall

Brian’s interest in dinosaurs developed at an early age and his involvement with Creation Expeditions has increased his desire to become a paleontologist. He loves learning from “Paleo” Pete and assists him at the scheduled events.